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Sometimes, it is best to not run after inspiration – and instead let it come to you. That is what Anne Katrine Montag does, often drawing her ideas from social media boards and threads. With bold prints that are made with high quality materials, the result with MINI A TURE is a chic, modern look. Children needing style that is trendy yet simple can know that the foundation of MINI A TURE is a Scandinavian style, with a focus on simplicity. Since its creation in 2001, MINI A TURE has shown that not all is come and go with trends. The designs, often of warm hues that can pop from bright jackets or zigzagging stripes across a peach dress, mean that there is a bold aspect to MINI A TURE. Children will find themselves standing out with those extra touches in their fashion – and sometimes you might wish they could fit you as well.